Vicon Spreader Competence Centre

Vicon Spreader Competence Centre

Spreader Competence Centre
The ultra-modern test facility in Nieuw-Vennep, The Netherlnds, accomodates a high tech testing set up for accurate spreading charts for Vicon spreaders. The test facility is unique in the market because of its highly advanced 3D test system and software set up, to analyse the results of many fertilisers in combinatino with our spreaders. It facilitates also more environmental friendly testing with focus on saving fertiliser, energy and fuel. The spreader and fertiliser test facility enables us to further grow in new developments and analyse the effect of new features on the spreading pattern of the spreader in a very quick and modern way.

Improved, Quicker, More Accurate Testing...

  • much more environmental friendly, saving fertiliser, energy and fuel
  • quicker availability of spreading charts to set up your spreader in the most accurate way
  • ...enables broader testing of new fertilisers, spreaders and features
  • the best results on wider working widths, even up to 54 meter.

Technical Details
The spreader and fertiliser test track consists of a robot with 3-point linkage, which can turn the spreader 280 degrees around and spread fertiliser into maximum 80 catchment hoppers. These hoppers can individually weigh the fertiliser by using weighing cells of 5 kg each. The spreading pattern is monitored from the control room and analysed by 3D softward. Afterwards emptying the catchment hoppers is doen fully automatically. The used fertiliser is transported by a conveyer belt to a separate storage container.

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