Pöttinger rotary rakes provide excellent working quality. Perfect ground tracking and careful handling guarantee quality feed and outstanding productivity.

Alpintop Lightweight Rakes


Eurotop Trailed Machines With Two Rotors


Eurotop Twin Rotor Rakes With Side Swath

Perfectionism teamed with experience in the field – that is the best way to describe the EUROTOP rake range. Pöttinger pays special attention to "clean forage" for high-performance, high-yielding livestock. Careful crop handling is the top priority. Windrowing without contamination or crop disintegration delivers an energy-rich crop and a cost-effective base feed. Optimised ground hugging and careful forage handling are trademarks of the EUROTOP rotary rake range. Freely-suspended tandem axles, Multitast wheels and pivot-mounted rotors are just a few examples of the technology packed into these machines. Take a look – the success is in the detail.

Eurotop With a Single Rotor


Top Four Rotors Rakes

Pöttinger has developed a new rotor-lifting system for heavy duty twin rotor models, which pivots rearwards (compact rotor-lift arms). The rotors lift diagonally on headland for an approximate ground clearance of 23.6 in / 600 mm. Finished swaths are not damaged by the rotating rotors passing over them, resulting in a loss-free intake by the following harvest machinery.

Top Twin Rotor Rakes - Centre Swath