Mex 6

Technical data

  MEX 6 Corn
Length 5200 mm
Height 4750 mm
Width 3145 mm
Weight with corn header 2900 kg
Height folded down 3220 mm
Weight with grass header 2500 kg
Number of knives max. 10 pcs.
Width of maize-header 2000 mm
Working width with corn header 2000 mm
Working width with grass header 1900 mm
Theoretical chopped length 5 mm
High working position 4985 mm
Coverage 1,2 ha/h
High transport position 3160 mm
Chute length 3380 mm
Power requirement with corn header 130 - 220 PS 
Power requirement with grass header 100 - 220 PS 
Driveline speed with corn header 1000 rpm
PTO speed 1000 rpm
Interchangeable wheels with corn header 19:19 
Interchangeable wheels with grass header 23:19 
Chopping length with corn header 5 / 7 / 9 mm 
Chopping length with grass header 11 / 15 / 19 mm 
Coverage 0,8 - 1,2 ha/h 

Dimensions and weights are subject to change due to ongoing technical development, and vary from country to country.
Standard Equipment
MEX 6 corn

Mounting Length-adjustable drawbar for attachment to linkage bar between lower linkages or tractor drawbar
Drive system Powerband
Flywheel speed 800 rpm
Drawbar adjustment Hydraulic drawbar pivot
Tyres 340/55-16
Flywheel High-output flywheel with 1220mm diameter
centrally adjustable
Tungsten carbide-coated harvester knives
Built-in grinding unit
Penetration 470mm intake width
4 feed and pre-compression rollers
Reversible counter blade
3-fold chopped length adjustment
Protection against foreign objects (optional) Electronic
Skim Protected by friction clutch
Hydraulic cylinder for header angle and lifting
Corn header Maize header hydraulic adjustable, linked to chassis
Flattened maize auger for difficult harvesting conditions
row-independent for 3 rows
Grain pulveriser Proven highly effective grain pulveriser
  2 grain cracker plates
10 adjustable, rasped-surface paddles
Deflector per knife
Chute Hydraulic chute and spout adjustment, full-length arc for consistent flow of crop
PTO shaft guarding C/w freewheel
PTO shaft profile 1 3/8" 6-splines
PTO speed corn header 1000 rpm
Operation Electronic operation Direct Control
Hydraulic connection 1 x Single-acting with free flow return line
1 x single-acting
Electrical connection 1 x 2-pin Cobo plug
Standard equipment includes Smooth inserts instead of cracker plates for wet corn or grass
Warning triangle
Warning sign (rear)

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