Technical data

  HIT 10.11 T HIT 12.14 T
Working width 11 m 13,2 m
Working width DIN 10,6 m 12,7 m
Transport width 2,9 m 2,9 m
Transport height 2,7 m 2,7 m
Parking height 2,7 m 2,7 m
Weight 1980 kg 2300 kg
Number of rotors 10 pcs. 12 pcs.
Number of arms per rotor 6 pcs. 6 pcs.
Type of tines unequal leg length  unequal leg length 
Quality of tines Super C  Super C 
Tine security system Heavy Duty as standard  Heavy Duty as standard 
Rotor diameter 1,42 m 1,42 m
Wide angle P.T.O. Wide-angle PTO shaft on one side  Wide-angle PTO shaft on one side 
Tyres – rotor outside / inside 16 x 6,5-8/16 x 6,5-8  16 x 6,5-8/16 x 6,5-8 
Tyres - chassis 260/70-15,3  260/70-15,3 


Dimensions and weights are subject to change due to ongoing technical development, and vary from country to country.
Standard Equipment


Mounting Trailed hydraulic folding
PTO shaft profile 1 3/8" 6-splines
Hydraulic connection 1 x single-acting for the lifting system
1 x double-acting for the lifting system
Electrical connection 1 x 7-pin lighting plug for warning signs with lighting
Standard equipment includes Operator's manual
Spare parts list


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