Front-lift 36.01

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Designed for medium sized tractors from 70 kw (100 hp) and up to 150 kw (200 hp). The 3.6 ton front-linkage fits closely around the tractor sub-frame providing stregth without restricting other tractor functions. This linkage has a lifting capacity of 3.6 ton, measured in quick-couplings.



Standard equipment:

  • Single acting hydr. with air filter on lowering side.
  • Cat. 2, DS/ISO 8759/1/2, 825 mm between the lift arms' balls.
  • Cleaned and painted with a two-component primer and finaly painted in the tractor's colour - two component.
  • Adapted to the individual tractor model.
  • Chassis bolts & 5.5 m hydr. hoses with couplings.
  • Stop valve device on hydr hose at tractor connection, the lift can then be locked.
  • Quick-coupling for lift arms, cat. 2 with ø28 mm balls.
  • Top link ø25 mm and pin with parking device for the lift arms' balls.
  • Parking device for top link.
  • For several models: direct hydr. connection. Look after * in "Tractor Makes / Model List".

Adjustment of the locking pin for lift arms

front-lift-25-01-content-bulina-1 front-lift-25-01-content-bulina-2 front-lift-25-01-content-bulina-3 front-lift-25-01-content-bulina-4
Pos. 1
The lift arms are locked.
No mutual movability.
Pos. 2
Turn the locking pin 1/4 turn. Then there is mutual movability, however limited.
Pos. 3
Remove the locking pin to achieve full movability.
Without  limitation.
Pos. 4
Put up the arms if the front-lift is not used for a period of some duration.

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