Front-lift 25.01

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Designed for medium sized tractors from 50 kw (70 hp) and up to 95 kw (130 hp). The 2.5 ton linkages are designed closely around the tractor subframe to provide strength, simple fitting and become an integral part of the tractor. This linkage has a lifting capacity of 2.5 ton, measured in quick-couplings.



Standard equipment:

  • Single acting hydr. with air filter on lowering side.
  • Cat. 2, DS/ISO 8759/1/2, 825 mm between the lift arms' balls.
  • Cleaned and painted with a two-component primer and finaly painted in the tractor's colour - two component.
  • Adapted to the individual tractor model.
  • Chassis bolts & 5.5 m hydr. hoses with couplings.
  • Stop valve device on hydr hose at tractor connection, the lift can then be locked.
  • Quick-coupling for lift arms, cat. 2-S with ø28 mm balls.
  • Top link ø25 mm and pin with parking device for the lift arms' balls.
  • For several models: direct hydr. connection. Look after * in "Tractor Makes / Model List".

Adjustment of the locking pin for lift arms

front-lift-25-01-content-bulina-1 front-lift-25-01-content-bulina-2 front-lift-25-01-content-bulina-3 front-lift-25-01-content-bulina-4
Pos. 1
The lift arms are locked.
No mutual movability.
Pos. 2
Turn the locking pin 1/4 turn. Then there is mutual movability, however limited.
Pos. 3
Remove the locking pin to achieve full movability.
Without  limitation.
Pos. 4
Put up the arms if the front-lift is not used for a period of some duration.

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