HE-VA Combi-Tiller is a sub-soiler developed for working solo or in combination with a following implement. Soil loosening together with e.g. stubble preparation or seeding in one pass the big tractors' effect is used optimally. Moreover, you benefit from the soil loosening, as the field is not exposed to a following operation. The Combi-Tiller is able to work from 0 cm to max. 30 cm depth with its 200 mm wide wing share point.
HE-VA Combi-Tiller is available in 2 model series - Combi-Tiller and Combi-Tiller MK II:
The Combi-Tiller is available in 3 m, 3.5 m and 4 m working widths with three point linkage for combination with e.g. Disc-Roller. Infinitely variable depth control via the tines or via the tractor's hydraulics. The Combi-Tiller is only available with shear bolt stone protection and a tine staggering of 160 mm.
Combi-Tiller MK II is available in rigid 3.0 m, 3.5 m and 4 m working widths as well as 4.0 m and 5.0 m working widths with hydraulic folding for transport. The Combi-Tiller MK II is as standard mounted with hydraulic three point linkage behind the machine, by which the depth control can be performed hydraulically during work and the Combi-Tiller MK II can be raised free from the soil, it it shall not be used. The Combi-Tiller MKII can be delivered with hydraulic automatic release system or "Quick-Push shear bolt stone protection. MK II has a good clearance with  420 mm tine staggering. The Combi-Tiller MK II is available with drawing clevis mounted in the three-point linkage so that it can be used separately or together with a trailed implement. Alternatively, the Combi-Tiller can be built together with a trailed HE-VA Disc-Roller.

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