HE-VA Sub-Tiller is a strong sub-soiler, which is constructed in V-formation. The V-formation limits the power requirement, and therefore it is possible to have a bigger working width. The tine spacing on HEVA Sub-Tiller is infinitely variable depending on the actual working task (only the central tine is fixed). This means that the Sub-Tiller can easily be set for e.g. tramline loosening with some tines removed, making the Sub-Tiller a very flexible sub-soiler.
HE-VA Sub-Tiller is available in 6 different frame models: 2.5 m, 3 m, 3.5 m, 4 m rigid and 4 m and 5 m with hydraulic folding. Each single model is available with the number of tines which meets the individual need of any farm.
HE-VA Sub-Tiller can work in depths from 0 cm. to max. 60 cm. The tine point has a 200 mm wing share, lifting and loosening the soil in the chosen working depth. The design of the tine avoids bringing stones and unwanted clods to the surface. The durable point is mounted with one bolt resulting in an easy and quick replacement.
HE-VA Sub-Tiller mounted with HE-VA Multi-Seeder opens up the possibility of Till-Seeding. Till-Seeding creates the optimal growth conditions for rape or crops such as mustard og oil radish. When seeding together with soil loosening, plough pan or other structural damages are broken - meaning that the roots of the plants have free access to grow/develop into the deeper strata of soil.


For stony soil types a Sub-Tiller with hydraulic automatic release system is recommended. By a hydraulic cylinder mounted on each tine which is connected to two gas accumulating tanks, an automatic swing of a tine is ensured, it it comes into contact with unmovable stones. This system is also functioning as a shock absorber in stony soils, where it will catch the vibrations. sub-tiller-content-1 HE-VA's unique Quick-Push stone protection consists of one special designed shearbolt with 6 steps per bolt, which will be cut over if a tine hits a stone. After a break of a shearbolt, remove the R-clip - place the shearbolt one notch forward, and after having mounted the R-clip again, the Sub-Tiller is ready to work. sub-tiller-content-2

Roller types
The roller, placed at the back on the Sub-Tiller, does not only have the consolidation function, the working depth is also controlled by the hydraulic adjustable roller, so that the tractor linkage is not loaded unnecessarily. Moreover, the soil searching effect of the tines has a pressing impact on the roller meaning that it consolidates extremely carefully.
HE-VA Sub-Tiller is available with 3 different roller types:

  • 600 mm V-Profile, which is the aggressive roller, breaking the clods and leaving a perfect surface finish.
  • 550 mm Square tube roller with an excellent depth control and breaks clods in lighter soil types.
  • 610 mm Synchronous roller for optimal consolidation of the tracks placed by the tines during till-seeding.

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