HE-VA Tip-Roller is more than an ordinary roller. Don´t just roll - cultivate, level and consolidate. With the different combination possibilities HE-VAs Tip-Roller with working widths from 4.5 m to 10.2 m can fulfill all requirements for better efficiency regardless of soil area or soil conditions.

HE-VA Tip-Roller is a 3 section roller built up with centre pivoting wing section, ensuring an effective soil preparation on even very rugged fields. With the unique SAT-system (Spring Active Transfer) for the centre pivoting wing sections it is ensured, that the weight is transferred from the middle section to centre of the wing sections, by which the roller has a uniform soil pressure in the entire working width. Tip-Roller can be equipped with different ring types - depending on the soil types.


Spring-Board levelling bar
The Spring-Board levelling bar crushes clods and has an excellent levelling effect. The angle of the bar can be adjusted hydraulically from the tractor seat to suit the land contidtions on the day. See further information under Spring-Board.

tip-roller-content-1 HE-VA Tip-Roller is fitted with stone trays as standard which can be emptied hydraulically from the tractor seat. tip-roller-content-2 Rings are mounted on 60 mm axles of special steel for strength and long life.
tip-roller-content-3 HE-VA 3 section roller design supports the wing section horizontally in a positve locking cradle reducing noise when travelling. tip-roller-content-4 In the completely folded position the weight of the wings is carried between the tractor and transport wheels improving stability. The transport width is only 2.5 m.

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4.5 m, 5.4 m, 6.3 m (excl. 6.3 m w/620 mm Cambridge rings)
6.3 m w/620 mm Cambridge + 7.3 m, 8.2 m, 9.5 m, 10.2 m w/all ring types

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