HE-VA Front-Roller is the ideal implement for preparation of light and medium soil types, whether it comes to levelling and consolidation of new ploughed soil or crushing and preparation of the soil.
The Front-Roller can be mounted with many different ring types, e.g. Cambridge-rings which is suitable for consolidation of new ploughed soil in front of the tractor's wheel, so that wheel tracks are avoided. For crushing of the soil, a combination of a Spring-Board with slicing plates and Crosskill-rings will result in an ideal preparation in front of a drill combination.

Choice of rings
Specify the rings to suit the job in hand.

Cambridge 450 mm
Cambridge 510 mm
Cambridge 620 mm
front-rollers-cambridge620 Cambridge-rings giving excellent full width consolidation.
Crosskill 480/530 mm front-rollers-crosskill480530 Croskill-rings giving an aggressive grinding action and good consolidation.
Front-Roller with V-profile
The V-profile Front-Roller incorporates the pressed steel V-profile ring. This strong ring guarantees an optimum consolidation in very stony fields - even with big stones. Front-Rollers, mounted with V-profile rings, are suitable for sticky and clayey soil types as well. The Front-Roller is a strong front press with a high own weight, unique scrapers and individuel rings which are linked by a series of lugs that ensure they all drive together and continue to turn in wet and sticky conditions. 
 front-rollers-v-profil afskraber

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